If you are having issues with Anki's Services, then do this tutorial.

This should work on any PC running Windows 10 with Wi-Fi

1. Right click your networking icon and open "Network and Internet settings".


2. Go to "Ethernet" or "Wi-Fi" and select "Change adapter settings" on the right.


3. Right click the adapter that is bringing you internet. It should say "Network" or your Wi-Fi SSID under it. Press "Properties".


4. Scroll to IPV6, and turn that off (mine was already off). Go to IPV4, select it, and press "Properties".


5. Check "Use the following DNS server addresses:" and enter "" in the first box. Don't enter anything in "Alternate DNS server". Then hit "OK" then close everything.


6. Turn on the hotspot.


You can now set Vector up with the app normally. Make sure to use the hotspot instead of your normal Internet. If you want to downgrade your Vector, or you have concerns, join the Discord server and @Wire.