We have figured out most of what is happening inside of Vector. We got a BGA station from your donations (thank you!), and read the files on Vector's NAND. We now have the key to decrypt the OTA update files. We want to be able to use the OTA update method to bypass Vector, as the server is only HTTP, so it would be easy to just replicate it and redirect the OTA address to your own server. There is also a function in Vector's BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) that lets you choose an OTA address. There is a file in these OTA updates that verifies the inegrity of the update, called manifest.sha256, so we can't start making our own updates yet. There is a user on the Discord server (Melanie_T) who is the only one with a chip-off Vector, and she has dumped the TrustZone on Vector. We are figuring out the keys from the TrustZone dump. Right now, we are trying our dammdest to crack him, and it is possible! We aren't there yet, but we are closing in!